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Thursday, 21 September 2017

EUR/USD Daily Analysis

General overview for 21/09/2017:
⚑ According to the latest Elliott wave count, the wave 3 high has been set at 1.2070, so the market is currently in wave 4 correction. The analysis at the lower time intervals shows that the correction will take the form of a triangle that has been nearly completed. Breaking out of the triangle will be sudden, violent and unexpected, so it is worth to keen an eye on this market.

⚐ Według najnowszego licznika fal Elliotta, szczyt fali 3 został ustanowiony na poziomie 1.2070, więc obecnie rynek znajduje się w korekcie fali 4. Z analizy na niższych interwałach czasowych wynika, że korekta przybierze postać trójkąta, którego podfala (e) została prawie zakończona. Wybicie z trójkąta będzie nagłe, gwałtowne i niespodziewane, więc zalecana jest uważna analiza tego waloru.
Licznik fal Elliotta na interwale H4 jest dostępny na moim profilu naportalu

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Pre-FOCM Interest Rate Decision Trading Plan for 20/09/2017

Pre-FOCM Interest Rate Decision Trading Plan for 20/09/2017:
The forex market volatility is currently very limited as market participants await FOMC statement tonight. The USD is slightly weaker during Asian trade, however, it looks like cosmetic alignment before the evening events. The EUR/USD pair barely swings above 1.20, and USD/JPY drops below 111.50 after two unsuccessful attempts to break out above 111.80. The stock market also maintains yesterday's range and Crude Oil continues to stand in place. Gold takes advantage of halting the USD uptrend and managed to rebound from $1,305 level. Now it is at $1,313, but the future direction will be heavily dependent on the FOMC decision on the US debt market and the Dollar. 
On Wednesday 20th of September, the event calendar will get busy with important news release during the late US session, when the FOMC announces its interest rate decision, statement and economic projections. During the London session, the data to be released are German PPI Index and Retail Sales With Auto Fuel from the UK.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Trading plan and Bitcoin analysis for 19/09/2017

Trading plan and #Bitcoin analysis  for 19/09/2017: 
The USD is slightly weaker today, but the fluctuations look like a noise in anticipation of tomorrow's FOMC decision. JPY crashes to the worst degree, followed by CAD, which dropped due to the Bank of Canada comments. The stock market is generally growing following Wall Street's new record. The Nikkei is up 2.0%. 
On Tuesday 19th of September, the event calendar is light in important economic releases. Global investors will keep an eye on ZEW Economic Sentiment data from Germany, Manufacturing Sales data from Canada, and Building Permits data from the US.

Bitcoin analysis is available here:

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Pre-BoE Trading Plan for 14/09/2017

Trading plan for 14/09/2017. 
A limited volatility was observed overnight, but the US Dollar is backed by the hope of the White House's success in implementing tax reform policies. AUD jumped on good data from Australia's labor market, although slight disappointment with readings from China hampered growth. Gold remains in reverse, Crude Oil goes slightly to the tops. 
On Thursday 14th of September, the event calendar is super busy with important data releases. During the London session, the Swiss National Bank will release Libor Rate decision together with Monetary Policy Assessment. Later on, the Bank of England will release Interest Rate Decision, Asset Purchase Facility, Official Bank Rate Votes, and Monetary Policy Summary data. During the US session, Consumer Price Index and Unemployment Claims will be posted from the US.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

PRE-ECB trading plan for 07/09/2017

Trading plan for 07/09/2017: 
The market volatility remains limited before the decision on interest rates in the euro area. Among the majors, the change does not exceed 0.2%. The strongest is JPY (+0.17%), then NOK (+0.14%) and NZD (+0.14%). It is distinguished by AUD (-0.11%), which is the only one losing to the US Dollar. The Asian stock market failed to continue its positive sentiment, Hang Seng and Shanghai Composite are down nearly 0.1% under the line. The Nikkei 225 is up 0.2%.
 On Thursday 7th of September 2017, the event calendar is busy with important economic releases. During the London session, the main event will be the European Central Bank interest rate decision and Press Conference. Moreover, Germany will post Industrial Production data, France will present Trade Balance data, and the UK will reveal Halifax House Price Index data for last month. During the US session, Canada will post Building Permits and Ivey Purchasing Managers Index data. The US will present Unemployment Claims and Continuing Claims data.

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Monday, 4 September 2017

Trading plan for 04/09/2017

Trading plan for 04/09/2017: 
In response to North Korea's weekend nuclear test the global financial markets are in risk aversion mode. All major stock indices in the Eurozone and in the US had opened with a gap down. Asian indices are losing as well, Nikkei 225 is 0.93% under the line. Gold jumped to $1,337 and managed to retreat only to $1.332. 
On Monday 4th of the September, the event calendar is light in important news releases, so the financial markets will pay attention to the global geopolitical situation development and the US reaction to the latest hydrogen bomb test by Nort Korea. During the London session, Spain will publish Unemployment Change data, UK will release Construction PMI data and Eurozone will post Sentix Investor Confidence and Producer Price Index data.

Friday, 1 September 2017

PRE-NFP trading plan for 01/09/2017

Trading plan for 01/09/2017: 
The financial markets across the globe are waiting for the NFP Payrolls data today, so the overnight developments were very limited. Among the major currencies, the changes are minor with the best CAD performance after impressive GDP data from yesterday. At the other end is SEK and CHF. The stock market extends positive sentiment from the US and Europe. 
On Friday 1st of September, the main event in the economic calendar is, of course, NFP Payrolls release during the beginning of the US session. Nevertheless, before that, a series of Manufacturing PMI's from across the Eurozone will be released during the London session (the UK PMI will be presented as well). The US job market data are scheduled for release as usual at 12:30 pm GMT: Unemployment Rate, Non-Farm Employment Change, Average Hourly Earnings, and Participation Rate data will all be released at once.

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