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Friday, 17 May 2013

Trading Results 13-17.05.2013

Hello Traders!

Desplite all the good signals that has been issued this week looks like first down week on PAMM account: -1%.

Not much to say desplite the two facts: (1)  that I have not been taking  much risk this week as PAMM account deposit has been changing all the time  and (2) I should run my profits more longer - some positions could make really nice profit if were kept all week.

Anyone of You who traded accordingly migh made some profits this week.

Those are the results:

Weeks From 13.05.2013 - 17.05.2013:
Forex Signal No.280|Sell Gold@1384.67|SL:1390.80|TP1:1378|2013.05.16 17:30 CET|ScalpSell|LiveTweet|Closed @ 1383 +$1,5
Forex Signal No.279a|Buy GBP/USD@1.5224|SL:1.5188|TP1:1.5264|TP2:1.5300|2013.05.16 11:25 CET|ScalpBuy|SCENARIO 1|TP1 HIT +40pips TP2 HIT +40pips

Forex Signal No.279b|Buy GBP/USD@1.5216|SL:1.5188|TP1:1.5264|TP2:1.5300|2013.05.16 11:25 CET|ScalpBuy|SCENARIO 1|TP1 HIT +48pips TP2 HIT +84pips

Forex Signal No.278|SellAAPL@428.81|SL:430.15|TP1:427|2013.05.15 21:40 CET|ScalpSell|Closed @ 429.33 -53pips
Forex Signal No.277|BuyAAPL@424.52|SL:422|TP1:428|2013.05.15 21:30 CET|ScalpBuy|Closed @ 423.12 -140pips
Forex Signal No.276|Sell AAPL@435.89|SL:441|TP1:434.89|2013.05.15 15:50 CET|ScalpSell|Closed @ 439.74 +100pips
Forex Signal No.275|Sell AAPL@444.47|SL:451.52|TP1:435|2013.05.15 15:50 CET|ScalpSell|Closed @ 443.48 +100pips
Forex Signal No.274|Sell AAPL@441.90|SL:454|TP1:435|2013.05.14 20:50 CET|ScalpSell|Closed @ 439.74 +216pips
Forex Signal No.273|Sell AAPL@450.64|SL:452.27|TP1:447|2013.05.14 20:50    CET|ScalpSell|Closed @ 449.09 +155pips
Forex Signal No.272a|Sell Gold@1429.13|SL:1434.50|TP1:1422|2013.05.14 18:00 CET|ScalpSell|TP HI+$7
Forex Signal No.272b|Sell Gold@1427.88|SL:1434.50|TP1:1422|2013.05.14 17:50 CET|ScalpSell|TP HI+$6
Forex Signal No.271|Buy EUR/JPY@132.32|SL:132.82|TP1:133.00|2013.05.14 17:30 CET|ScalpBuy|Closed @ 132.45 +13pips

Forex Signal No.270a|Sell GBP/AUD@1.5345|SL:1.5435|TP1:1.5200|TP2:1.5100|2013.05.14 11:40 CET|SwingSell|SL HIT -90pips
Forex Signal No.270b|Sell GBP/AUD@1.5370|SL:1.5435|TP1:1.5200|TP2:1.5100|2013.05.13 18:40 CET|SwingSell|SL HIT -65pips
Forex Signal No.270a|Sell GBP/AUD@1.5387|SL:1.5435|TP1:1.5200|TP2:1.5100|2013.05.14 12:40 CET|SwingSell|SL HIT -50pips
Forex Signal No.270a|Sell GBP/AUD@1.5340|SL:1.5435|TP1:1.5200|TP2:1.5100|2013.05.13 18:40 CET|SwingSell|SL HIT -95pips
Forex Signal No.269a|Sell DAX@8266|SL:8366|TP1:8000|2013.05.13 18:00 CET|SwingSell|LiveTweet|Closed @8246 +20points
Forex Signal No.269b|Sell DAX@8288|SL:8366|TP1:8000|2013.05.13 18:00 CET|SwingSell|LiveTweet|Closed @8246 +42points
Forex Signal No.269c|Sell DAX@8308|SL:8366|TP1:8000|2013.05.13 18:00 CET|SwingSell|LiveTweet|Closed @8246 +62points
Forex Signal No.268|Sell Crude Oil@94.52|SL:94.88|TP1:94.06|2013.05.13 18:15 CET|ScalpSell|LiveTweet|Closed - 19pips
Forex Signal No.267|Buy Crude Oil@94.82|SL:94.65|TP1:95.50|2013.05.13 18:00 CET|ScalpBuy|LiveTweet|SL Hit - 17pips
Forex Signal No.266a|Sell AUD/JPY@101.24|SL:102.36|TP1:100.00|TP2:100.00|2013.05.13 18:40 CET|SwingSell|SCENARIO 1|Closed @ 100.41 +75pips
Forex Signal No.266b|Sell AUD/JPY@101.10|SL:102.36|TP1:100.00|TP2:98.00|2013.05.13 18:40 CET|SwingSell|SCENARIO 1|Closed @ 100.41 +69pips
Forex Signal No.266c|Sell AUD/JPY@100.91|SL:102.36|TP1:100.00|TP2:98.00|2013.05.13 18:40 CET|SwingSell|SCENARIO 1|Closed @ 100.41 +50pips
Forex Signal No.266d|Sell AUD/JPY@100.77|SL:102.36|TP1:100.00|TP2:98.00|2013.05.14 12:45 CET|SwingSell|SCENARIO 1|Closed @ 100.41 +36pips
Forex Signal No.266e|Sell AUD/JPY@100.56|SL:102.36|TP1:100.00|TP2:98.00|2013.05.14 12:45 CET|SwingSell|SCENARIO 1|Closed @ 100.41 +15pips
Forex Signal No.266f|Sell AUD/JPY@100.52|SL:102.36|TP1:100.00|TP2:98.00|2013.05.14 12:45 CET|SwingSell|SCENARIO 1|Closed @ 100.41 +9pips
Forex Signal No.265|Sell NatGas@4.140|SL:4.165|TP1:4.000|TP2:3.890|2013.05.15 15:00 CET|SwingSell|
Forex Signal No.264|Buy NatGas@3.860|SL:3.844|TP1:4.050|TP2:4.090|2013.05.12 20:40 CET|SwingBuy|INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.263|Sell EUR/AUD @1.3017|SL:1.3032|TP1:1.2950|TP2:1.2900|2013.05.11 17:00 CET|ScalpSell|SL HIT -15pips
Forex Signal No.262|Buy EUR/AUD @1.2616|SL:1.2579|TP1:1.3000|2013.05.11 17:00 CET|SwingBuy|
Forex Signal No.261a|Buy Stop CrudeOil@97.05|SL:96.50|TP1:98.50|2013.05.11 17:00 CET|SwingBuy|INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.261b|Buy Limit CrudeOil@94.75|SL:94.47|TP1:98.50|2013.05.11 17:00 CET|SwingBuy|INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.260|Sell EUR/JPY@132.95|SL:133.21|TP1:132.25|TP2:131.60|2013.05.12 13:00 CET|ScalpSell|SCENARIO 2
Forex Signal No.259|Sell EUR/JPY@132.25|SL:132.51|TP1:131.60|TP2:131.00|2013.05.12 13:00 CET|ScalpSell|SCENARIO 1| TP1 HIT +64pips
Forex Signal No.258|Sell GBP/USD@1.5413|SL:1.5425|TP1:1.5320|TP2:1.5285|2013.05.11 15:00 CET|ScalpSell|Scenario 1
Forex Signal No.257|Sell GBP/USD@1.5445|SL:1.5461|TP1:1.5320|TP2:1.5285|2013.05.11 15:00 CET|ScalpSell|Scenario 2
Forex Signal No.256|Sell EUR/USD@1.3045|SL:1.3065|TP1:1.2935|TP2:1.2890|2013.05.11 15:00 CET|ScalpSell|
Forex Signal No.254|Buy EUR/CAD@1.3075|SL:1.3035|TP1:1.3225|TP2:1.3300|2013.05.07 22:20 CET|SwingBuy|Closed @ 1.3100 +25pips   

Week from 13.05-17.05.2013                  +490pips in scalp,+124poind on DAX,+$ on Gold 14,5      -21 in swing,

Grand Total since 20.12.2012          +5583pips! 
                                                              +207 DAX Points
                                                               +22 SP500 points 
                                                               +$119,5 Gold
                                                                +115 NatGas
                                                                +110 Nikkei
                                                                       +5 Corn 
                                                                 +1 Soybeans

Overall the pips are green but just beacuse I have been trading microlots on the begining it was hard to make any sensible profit with such a small amounts ( for example : DAX, AUDJPY, GOLD).

Anyway I'm looking forward to next week and with $ 10 000 it will be more comparative to see the results next week!

Take care and green pips!
Sebasitan Seliga


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