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Monday, 1 April 2013

Signal_Service Trading Results 25-29.03.2013

Hello Traders!

Very profitable week behind us and let's focus on next one to bring even more pips!

That was the first week of a new, upgraded version on Signal Service , issuing 18 signals during the week.

Weeks From 25.03.2013 - 29.03.2013:
Forex Signal No.187|Sell EUR/USD@1.2810|SL:1.2835|TP1:1.2785|2013.03.27 11:00|ScalpSell|LiveTweet|Closed @ 1.2789 +21pips
Forex Signal No.186|Sell EUR/JPY@121.16|SL:121.33|TP1:121.76|2013.03.27 11:00|ScalpSell|LiveTweet|Closed @ 121.96 +20pips
Forex Signal No.185|Sell GBP/JPY@143.06|SL:143.65|TP1:142.76|2013.03.27 10:00|ScalpSell|LiveTweet|TP Hit +30pips
Forex Signal No.184|Sell GBP/USD@1.5141|SL:1.5185|TP1:1.5100|2013.03.27 10:00|ScalpSell|LiveTweet|Closed @ 1.5118 +23pips TP1Hit: +41pips
Forex Signal No.183|Buy GBP/AUD@1.4485|SL:1.4409|TP1:1.4600|2013.03.27 10:00|SwingBuy|LiveTweet|Closed @ 1.4550 +65pips
Forex Signal No.182|Buy EUR/CAD@1.3048|SL:1.3024TP1:1.3100|2013.03.27 10:00|ScalpBuy|LiveTweet|SL HIT -24pips
Forex Signal No.181|Sell AUD/JPY@99|SL:99.30|TP1:98.00|2013.03.27 10:00|SwingSell|LiveTweet|SL=BE|Closed @ 98.35 +65pips TP1Hit +100pips
Forex Signal No.180|Buy EUR/GBP@0.8460|SL:0.8448|TP1:0.8510|2013.03.27 10:00|ScalpBuy|LiveTweet|Closed @ BE 0pips
Forex Signal No.179|Sell CAD/JPY@93.05|SL:93.35|TP1:92.05|2013.03.27 10:00|ScalpSell|LiveTweet|SL=BE|Closed @ 92.45 +60pips
Forex Signal No.178|Buy EURNZD@1.5320|SL:1.5280|TP1:1.5450|2013.03.27 10:00|SwingBuy|LiveTweet| Closed @ 1.5300 -20pips
Forex Signal No.177|Buy USD/CHF@0.9491|SL:0.9468|TP1:0.9541|2013.03.27 10:00|ScalpBuy|LiveTweet|Closed @ 0.9521 +30pips TP1HIT +50pips
Forex Signal No.176|Buy AUD/USD@1.0415|SL:1.0398|TP1:1.0485|2013.03.25 23:20|ScalpBuy| SL=BE| Closed @ 1.0430 +15pips
Forex Signal No.175|Buy  EUR/JPY@118.75| SL:118.59| TP1:119.75| TP2:121.25|2013.03.25 22:45 CET|Scalp Buy
Forex Signal No.174|Buy DAX@7760| SL:7750| TP1:7800 TP2:7855|2013.03.25 22:00 CET| ScalpBuy|TP1 Hit +40points TP2 Hit: +55points
Forex Signal No.162|BuyUSD/CHF@0.9355|SL:0.9339|TP1:0.9385|TP2:0.9415||22:10CET|ScalpBuy|TP1Hit:+30pips  TP2 Hit +30pips
Forex Signal No.155|Sell GBP/AUD@1.4680|SL:1.4705|TP1:1.4380|2013.03.18|23:00  CET|Scalp Sell|INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.153|Buy USD/CAD@1.0150|SL:1.0137|TP1:1.0210|2013.03.15|13:30  CET|Scalp Buy| INVALIDATED
Week from  25.03 - 29.032013    Total Scalp pips if TP1 hit +205pips, if  TP2 Hit +326pips
                                                      Total Swing pips if TP1 Hit +110pips, if TP2 hit +210pips
                                                       +95points on DAX  
Grand Total since 20.12.2012          +2651pips! 
                                                              95 DAX Points
                                                               +2 SP500 points 
                                                               +$84 Gold

From the week starting of Monday  01.04.2013 new Upgrade will be applicable step by step  to VIP Service and it will include:
-2x more forex pairs to trade (done)
-2x more futures to trade ( almost done  - metal futures pending)
-morning re-caps for interesting set-ups
-weekly video + weekly trading plan including ney markets for next week
-signal rationale will include VSA elements for the reasons of why enter, hold and close the trade with new charts included
-more swing trades inc. Ride the Trend positions,
-Overnight trades to make some money while You sleep,
-new kind of charts: possible  trend revelsal or trend following ideas due to long term EW count

Stay tuned!
Green pips!

Sebastian Seliga


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