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Friday, 5 April 2013

Signal Service Trading Results 01.04 - 05.04.2013

Hello Traders!

Looks like the best trading week so far here!

Weeks From 01.04.2013 - 05.04.2013:

Forex Signal No.196|Buy  NFP Friday various pairs@|2013.04.05 14:35 CET|SwingBuys|+298pips
Forex Signal No.195|Buy  USD/CAD@1.0130| SL:1.0114| TP1:1.0180| TP2:1.0210|2013.04.03 22:15 CET|ScalpBuy SL HIT -16pips
Forex Signal No.194a|Buy  USD/JPY@92.77| SL:92.47| TP1:94.25| TP2:94.95|2013.04.03 20:15 CET|SwingBuy|TP1 Hit: +150pips TP2 Hit:+70pips
Forex Signal No.193|Buy SP500@1558| SL:1554| TP1:15782013.04.02 16:20 CET|ScalpBuy|SL HIt -4points
Forex Signal No.192|Buy  EUR/JPY@199.56 & 199.46| SL:119.38 TP1:119.76| TP2:119.86|2013.04.03 10:00 CET|LiveTweet|ArielVSATrade +60pips
Forex Signal No.191|Buy  USD/JPY@93.25| SL:92.90| TP1:94.25| TP2:94.95|2013.04.03 08:45 CET|ScalpToSwingBuy| SL Hit -35pips
Forex Signal No.190|Buy  CrudeOil@95.50| SL:95.38| TP1:96.50| TP2:97.50|2013.04.02 23:20 CET|ScalpBuy|-12pips
Forex Signal No.189a|Buy GBP/JPY@140.88|SL:140.25|TP:145.10|2013.04.02 22:40|SwingBuy|Closed +300pips TP Hit +420pips
Forex Signal No.189b|Buy GBP/JPY@140.48|SL:140.25|TP:145.10|2013.04.02 19:30|SwingBuy|Closed +350pipsTP Hit +470pips
Forex Signal No.188|Buy DAX@7890| SL:7874| TP1:7930| TP2:8960|2013.04.02 22:15 CET| ScalpBuy| SL Hit -16points
Forex Signal No.156|Buy AUD/JPY@97.42|SL:97.22|TP1:99.40||TP2:100.40|2013.03.18|23:00  CET|ScalpBuy| SL Hit -20pips
Forex Signal No.175|Buy  EUR/JPY@118.75| SL:118.59| TP1:119.75| TP2:121.25|2013.03.25 22:45 CET|Scalp Buy INVALIDATED

Scalp Trades:+42pips
Swing Trades: +1420pips
                      -16points on DAX

Trading Results:
Week from 20Dec - 30Dec:               +145pips
Weeks from 31Dec - 11Jan:              +543 pips
Week from  14Jan - 18 Jan                +208pips
Week from 21Jan - 25Jan                 +215pips
Week from 28Jan - 1Feb                  +128pips( +10 Dax points + 8$ on Gold)
Week from 04Feb-08Feb                   +93pips  
Weeks From 11.02- 22.02.2013          +138pips,(+$66 on Gold, -10Dax  points)
Week from 25.02 - 01.03. 2013           +158pisps in scalp, +180pips in swing, -3 SP500 points
Week from 04.03 - 08.03. 2013           +150pips in scalp,   +50pips in swing
Week from 10.03 - 15.03.2013            +40pips in scalp,      -40pips in swing ,  -$2 on Gold
Week from 18.03 - 22.03.2013             +101pips in scalp, +5points on SP500
Week from  25.03 - 29.032013             +326pips in scalp, +210pips in swing, +95points on DAX
Week From 01.04-05.04.2013             +42pips in scalp, +1420pips in swing, -16points on DAX   
Grand Total since 20.12.2012               +4113pips! 
                                                              79 DAX Points
                                                               +2 SP500 points 
                                                               +$84 Gold

Scalp trade is min:1 lot.
Swing Trade is min: 0,1lot.
Leverage is 200:1

Stay tuned!
Green pips!

Sebastian Seliga


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