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Friday, 1 March 2013

Signal Service Trading Results 25.Feb-01March

Hello Traders!

Those are results on Signal Service for last week into two categories: scale and signal:

Weeks From 25.02.2013 - 01.03.2013:
Forex Signal No.126|Buy EUR/GBP@0.8670| SL:0.8649| TP1:0.8700|TP2:0.8800|2013.03.01 11:05 CET|Live Tweet| SL HIT @ 0.8658 -12pips
Forex Signal No.125|Sell NZD/USD@0.8340| SL:0.8352| TP1:0.8270|TP2:0.8210|2013.02.28 12:35 CET|Scalp Sell|INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.122|Sell EUR/JPY@121.08| SL:121.36| TP1:120.58|2013.02.28 10:10 CET Live Tweet| Closed +23pips | TP1 HIT:+50pips
Forex Signal No.121|Sell  CrudeOil@93.35| SL:93.55| TP1:92.35| TP2:91.850|2013.02.28 09:40 CET|ScalpSell | INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.120|Sell SP500@1507| SL:1510| TP1:1500| TP2:1490|2013.02.27 17:40 CET| ScalpSell SL Hit: -3points
Forex Signal No.119|Sell USD/JPY@92.30| SL:92.45| TP1:91.60| TP2:91.11|2013.02.27 14:05 CET| ScalpSell| Closed @ 92.15 +15pips 
Forex Signal No.117|Buy  EUR/GBP@0.8483| SL:0.8433| TP1:0.8710| TP2:0.8820|2013.02.27 12:45 CET|Swing Buy|INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.116|Buy  USD/CHF@0.9235| SL:0.9223| TP1:.0.9315| TP2:0.9375|2013.02.27 12:35 CET| ScalpBuy | INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.115|Buy  AUD/USD@1.0135| SL:1.0099| TP1:1.0235| TP2:1.0286|2013.02.27 12:35 CET| ScalpBuy
Forex Signal No.114|Sell AUD/USD@1.0365| SL:1.0375| TP1:1.0300| TP2:1.0266|2013.02.22 13:05 CET| Scalp Sell |INVALIDATED
Forex Signal No.113|Sell EUR/USD@1.3305| SL:1.3325| TP1:1.3250| TP2:1.3201|2013.02.21 08:15 CET| Scalp Sell | TP1 Hit +55pips TP2Hit +105pips
TOTAL: +158pips, -3points
Forex Signal No.123a|Sell GBP/JPY@140.23| SL:141.36| TP1:137.53|TP2:136.01|2013.02.28 11:20 CET|Swing Sell| SL @ 139.65|+70pips
Forex Signal No.123b|Sell GBP/JPY@140.73| SL:141.36| TP1:137.53|TP2:136.01|2013.02.28 20:00 CET|Swing Sell|SL @ 139.65| +110pips
Forex Signal No.118|Buy  CrudeOil@90.30| SL:89.65| TP1:95.00| TP2:98.00|2013.02.27 12:45 CET|Swing Buy|IN PLAY (currently +50pips)
Forex Signal No.124a|Sell USD/CAD@1.0249| SL:1.0390| TP1:1.0150|TP2:1.0090|2013.02.28 12:05 CET|Swing Sell|     IN PLAY| (currently -30pips_
Forex Signal No.124b|Sell USD/CAD@1.0300| SL:1.0390| TP1:1.0150|TP2:1.0090|2013.02.28 21:30 CET|Swing Sell|     IN PLAY  (currently +25pips)
Total: +180pips

Total this week: +338pips,
                              -3points on SP500

Grand Total since 20.12.2012          +1808pips! 
                                                              0 DAX Points
                                                               -3 SP500 points 
                                                               +$86 Gold

Some of the swing trades are still in play: those are not leveraged trades.

Thanks for another profitable week!

Enjoy the weekend!

Green Pips,
Sebasitan Seliga


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