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Thursday, 6 December 2012

DAX30 Futures H1, H4 & Daily Update

Picking Up the tops is hard art to master and my H4 count has been invlaidated twice already so I 've decided to take a closer look at it - why I'm picking the top for wave Y (alr:(a)) in wrong place all the time?
After consideration it looks to me like this all upside movement could be very close to finish and according to my count all we need is the wave 5 to complete.
Fibo price expansions cluster @ 7650 where wave 5  would be 100% of wave 1-3 and wave 5 should be 100% wave 1-3 as well - strong price cluster.
Nevertheless, there is one more level on chart where wave 5 might be finished - 61%FiboExp @ 7567. If price move above this level then 7650 is in view.
Plase notice there are two GAP that have not been filled yet.

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