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Monday, 23 October 2017

Bitcoin analysis and Trading Plan for 23/10/2017

Trading plan for 23/10/2017: 
USD/JPY touched three-month highs after Prime Minister Abe's victory in the Japanese election. The Nikkei shows a positive reaction while other markets remain stable in the face of today's lackluster publication. EUR/USD stands at 1.1770 and investors do not show much interest in the political dispute in Spain. 
On Monday 23rd of October, the event calendar is very light in important events releases. The only news worth to keep an eye on is the Wholesale Sales data from Canada.

Bitcoin analysis for 23/10/2017: Research by CB Insights shows that Goldman Sachs, Google and Citi Bank are among the five most active corporate investors in Blockchain.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Bitcoin analysis and trading plan for 18/10/2017

Trading plan for 18/10/2017: 
The FX market remains tight and stock indices consolidate recent gains. Gold reverses Tuesday's gains and Crude Oil is rallying higher by a good API report. The 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China has started, but so far the conference has brought more pompous language than the announcement of actual action.

Bitcoin analysis for 18/10/2017: 
Users of Blockchain will be able to have their Bitcoin Cash. On October 11, the company announced that it was allowing customers to access their BCH resources.

Global macro overview for 17/10/2017: 
According to the Minutes, the RBA members noted that the Australian economy had grown by 0.8% in the June quarter, in line with the Bank's forecast.

Global macro overview for 17/10/2017:
A surprising information on the Brexit negotiations is attacking the financial markets every day now.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Bitcoin analysis and trading plan for 16/10/2017

Trading plan for 16/10/2017: 
The first trading hours this week bring little traffic to the currency market. Data from China have gone unnoticed; nervous reactions also are not seen after the election results in Austria. Crude Oil goes up for fear of new sanctions for Iran. EUR/USD is trading around the level of 1.1800, USD/JOY around the level of 111.70 and GBP/USD around the level of 1.3300. 
On Monday 16th of October, the event calendar is light in important economic data releases, but the market participants will keep an eye on Wholesale Price Index data from Germany, Trade Balance data from the Eurozone, Empire State Manufacturing Index data from the US and Foreign Securities Purchases data from Canada.

According to the news that broke through Russian Minister of Communications Nikolay Nikiforov, in a meeting behind the closed door, the Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin has officially stated that Russia will issue its own "CryptoRuble" digital currency. 

Thursday, 5 October 2017

DAX30 Daily & H4 Elliott Wave Analysis

⚐ The price of German index DAX30 might just hit the local high at the level of 12972 and the internal impulsive wave progression might have been terminated. If the level of 12,972 is the top of the wave 5 (what would mean the larget time frame cycle of the bigger degree has been completed as well), then the market should impulsively decline towards the level of 12,666 first and then towards the level of 12,365. The clear and visible bearish divergence between the price and momentum oscillator support the view. Nevertheless, there is still a chance, that the level of 12, 972 is the top of the wave 1 of the overall impulsive structure in the whole wave 5. In that case the market would just correct to the level of gap and then rebounded in the direction of the larger time frame trend.
As long as the level of 11, 881 is not clearly violated in impulsive fashion, the outlook still remains bullish.
⚑ Cena indeksu niemieckiego DAX30 mogłaby dotknąć lokalnego poziomu na poziomie 12,972, a wewnętrzny impuls falowy mógł się zakończyć. Jeśli poziom 12,972 jest szczytem fali 5 (co oznaczałoby również koniec większego cyklu czasowego większego stopnia), rynek powinien impulsywnie spadać do poziomu 12,666, a następnie do poziomu 12,365. Wyraźna i widoczna negatywna dywergencja pomiędzy oscylatorem momentum i cena podtrzymuje pogląd. Niemniej jednak nadal istnieje szansa, że poziom 12, 972 jest szczytem fali 1 ogólnej struktury impulsowej na całej fali 5.  W takim wypadku po krótkiej korekcie w kierunku luki, rynek odbije i podazy za trendem.
Tak długo, jak poziom 11, 881 nie jest wyraźnie naruszony w impulsywny sposób, perspektywy nadal pozostają wolne.

Trading plan for 05/10/2017

Trading plan for 05/10/2017: 
An unexpected drop in retail sales in Australia was the only volatile moment of sleepy trading hours in Asia. The rest of forex pairs remained in narrowband fluctuations. The DXY Dollar Index is unmoved, the EUR/USD pair has found a stop at 1.1750, and USD/JPY cannot break through at 112.90. It was also quiet on the stock market. Crude Oil remains close to $50, and Gold holds at $1,275 level. 
On Thursday 5th of October, the economic calendar is light in important news releases. Early in the morning, Switzerland will release Consumer Price Index data and ECB will release Monetary Policy Meeting Accounts data. During the US session, Canada will release Trade Balance data and the US will post Unemployment Claims and Factory Orders data. Some speeches are scheduled later today from FOMC members Jerome Powell, Patrick Harker, and John Williams.

#Bitcoin analysis for 05/10/2017:
Global macro overview:  

Friday, 29 September 2017

Trading plan for 29/09/2017:

Trading plan for 29/09/2017: 
A quiet overnight Asian session in the currency market with a partial recovery of yesterday's US Dollar weakness. NZD, GBP, and JPY are the weakest, EUR/USD is trading flat. Small changes in the stock market. Crude Oil does not rise after Thursday's decline. 
On Friday 29th of September, the event calendar is busy with important news releases. During the London session, Germany will release Retail Sales, Unemployment Rate, and Unemployment Change data. France will post Consumer Spending and Consumer Price Index data, Switzerland will reveal KOF Economic Barometer data and the UK will present Mortgage Approvals, Net Lending to Individuals, Final GDP, and Current Account data. Later on, there will be Consumer Price Index Flash Estimate and Flash Core CPI data released from the Eurozone. During the US session, Canada will present Gross Domestic Product data and Raw Materials Price Index data. The US will post Personal Spending and Personal Income data, Revised UoM Consumer Sentiment data, and Chicago Purchasing Manager Index data. During the whole day, we will have speeches from various central banks' representatives like BOE Deputy Governor for Monetary Policy Ben Broadbent, BOE Deputy Governor for Financial Stability Jon Cunliffe, BOE Governor Mark Carney, ECB President Mario Draghi, and FOMC Member Patrick T. Harker.

Bitcoin analysis for 29.09.2017:

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Trading plan and global macro overview for 28/09/2017

Trading plan for 28/09/2017: 
US Dollar's rally continues on Thursday, albeit at a slower rate. Trump's announcement of the tax reform was more or less in line with expectations, and he fits into the last positive sentiment around the US Dollar. EUR/USD is getting closer to 1.1700, USD/JPY is on the way to breaking through yesterday's highs at 113.23. 
On Thursday 28th of September, the event calendar is light in important economic releases, but market participants will keep an eye on Bank of England Mark Carney speech, Reserve Bank of Australia Assistant Governor Guy Debelle speech and Consumer Confidence from Eurozone and Preliminary CPI data from Germany. During the NY session, the US will release Final GDP, Goods Trade Balance and Unemployment Claims data. Later during the day, Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve Stanley Fischer will give a speech.

#Bitcoin analysis:
Global macro overview for 28/09/2017:

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Trading plan for 27/09/2017:

Trading plan for 27/09/2017: 
The US Dollar is under supply pressure since the mornin. The strongest rivals against USD is AUD (+0.3%), GBP (+0.23%), and CHF (+0.23%). Slightly above the line are precious metals and Crude Oil. Gold ounce (+0.05%) costs $1,295, while the WTI settled up at $52.20 (+0.7%). The indecisiveness of the global stock market has reached Asia, where indices clearly cannot decide which direction to follow. Hang Seng is up 0.4%, Shanghai Composite is + 0.1% up, Nikkei 225 is -0.3% down. 
On Wednesday 27th of September, the event calendar is quite busy with important news releases, especially during the late NY session when the US will post Durable Goods Orders, New Home Sales, and Crude Oil Inventories. Moreover, there is a scheduled speech from BOC Governor Stephen Poloz and FOMC Member Lael Brainard. Later on, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand will present the Official Cash Rate.

#Bitcon analysis for 27/09/2017:
Global macro overview for 27/09/2017:

Thursday, 21 September 2017

EUR/USD Daily Analysis

General overview for 21/09/2017:
⚑ According to the latest Elliott wave count, the wave 3 high has been set at 1.2070, so the market is currently in wave 4 correction. The analysis at the lower time intervals shows that the correction will take the form of a triangle that has been nearly completed. Breaking out of the triangle will be sudden, violent and unexpected, so it is worth to keen an eye on this market.

⚐ Według najnowszego licznika fal Elliotta, szczyt fali 3 został ustanowiony na poziomie 1.2070, więc obecnie rynek znajduje się w korekcie fali 4. Z analizy na niższych interwałach czasowych wynika, że korekta przybierze postać trójkąta, którego podfala (e) została prawie zakończona. Wybicie z trójkąta będzie nagłe, gwałtowne i niespodziewane, więc zalecana jest uważna analiza tego waloru.
Licznik fal Elliotta na interwale H4 jest dostępny na moim profilu naportalu

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Pre-FOCM Interest Rate Decision Trading Plan for 20/09/2017

Pre-FOCM Interest Rate Decision Trading Plan for 20/09/2017:
The forex market volatility is currently very limited as market participants await FOMC statement tonight. The USD is slightly weaker during Asian trade, however, it looks like cosmetic alignment before the evening events. The EUR/USD pair barely swings above 1.20, and USD/JPY drops below 111.50 after two unsuccessful attempts to break out above 111.80. The stock market also maintains yesterday's range and Crude Oil continues to stand in place. Gold takes advantage of halting the USD uptrend and managed to rebound from $1,305 level. Now it is at $1,313, but the future direction will be heavily dependent on the FOMC decision on the US debt market and the Dollar. 
On Wednesday 20th of September, the event calendar will get busy with important news release during the late US session, when the FOMC announces its interest rate decision, statement and economic projections. During the London session, the data to be released are German PPI Index and Retail Sales With Auto Fuel from the UK.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Trading plan and Bitcoin analysis for 19/09/2017

Trading plan and #Bitcoin analysis  for 19/09/2017: 
The USD is slightly weaker today, but the fluctuations look like a noise in anticipation of tomorrow's FOMC decision. JPY crashes to the worst degree, followed by CAD, which dropped due to the Bank of Canada comments. The stock market is generally growing following Wall Street's new record. The Nikkei is up 2.0%. 
On Tuesday 19th of September, the event calendar is light in important economic releases. Global investors will keep an eye on ZEW Economic Sentiment data from Germany, Manufacturing Sales data from Canada, and Building Permits data from the US.

Bitcoin analysis is available here:

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Pre-BoE Trading Plan for 14/09/2017

Trading plan for 14/09/2017. 
A limited volatility was observed overnight, but the US Dollar is backed by the hope of the White House's success in implementing tax reform policies. AUD jumped on good data from Australia's labor market, although slight disappointment with readings from China hampered growth. Gold remains in reverse, Crude Oil goes slightly to the tops. 
On Thursday 14th of September, the event calendar is super busy with important data releases. During the London session, the Swiss National Bank will release Libor Rate decision together with Monetary Policy Assessment. Later on, the Bank of England will release Interest Rate Decision, Asset Purchase Facility, Official Bank Rate Votes, and Monetary Policy Summary data. During the US session, Consumer Price Index and Unemployment Claims will be posted from the US.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

PRE-ECB trading plan for 07/09/2017

Trading plan for 07/09/2017: 
The market volatility remains limited before the decision on interest rates in the euro area. Among the majors, the change does not exceed 0.2%. The strongest is JPY (+0.17%), then NOK (+0.14%) and NZD (+0.14%). It is distinguished by AUD (-0.11%), which is the only one losing to the US Dollar. The Asian stock market failed to continue its positive sentiment, Hang Seng and Shanghai Composite are down nearly 0.1% under the line. The Nikkei 225 is up 0.2%.
 On Thursday 7th of September 2017, the event calendar is busy with important economic releases. During the London session, the main event will be the European Central Bank interest rate decision and Press Conference. Moreover, Germany will post Industrial Production data, France will present Trade Balance data, and the UK will reveal Halifax House Price Index data for last month. During the US session, Canada will post Building Permits and Ivey Purchasing Managers Index data. The US will present Unemployment Claims and Continuing Claims data.

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Monday, 4 September 2017

Trading plan for 04/09/2017

Trading plan for 04/09/2017: 
In response to North Korea's weekend nuclear test the global financial markets are in risk aversion mode. All major stock indices in the Eurozone and in the US had opened with a gap down. Asian indices are losing as well, Nikkei 225 is 0.93% under the line. Gold jumped to $1,337 and managed to retreat only to $1.332. 
On Monday 4th of the September, the event calendar is light in important news releases, so the financial markets will pay attention to the global geopolitical situation development and the US reaction to the latest hydrogen bomb test by Nort Korea. During the London session, Spain will publish Unemployment Change data, UK will release Construction PMI data and Eurozone will post Sentix Investor Confidence and Producer Price Index data.

Friday, 1 September 2017

PRE-NFP trading plan for 01/09/2017

Trading plan for 01/09/2017: 
The financial markets across the globe are waiting for the NFP Payrolls data today, so the overnight developments were very limited. Among the major currencies, the changes are minor with the best CAD performance after impressive GDP data from yesterday. At the other end is SEK and CHF. The stock market extends positive sentiment from the US and Europe. 
On Friday 1st of September, the main event in the economic calendar is, of course, NFP Payrolls release during the beginning of the US session. Nevertheless, before that, a series of Manufacturing PMI's from across the Eurozone will be released during the London session (the UK PMI will be presented as well). The US job market data are scheduled for release as usual at 12:30 pm GMT: Unemployment Rate, Non-Farm Employment Change, Average Hourly Earnings, and Participation Rate data will all be released at once.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Trading plan for 31/08/2017

Trading plan for 31/08/2017: 
The US Dollar remains strong after yesterday's better than expected data from the US. The currency group of EUR, JPY, CAD and NZD deepened its weakening overnight relative to the still much stronger USD and is trading below the closing of yesterday's session. On Wall Street, markets were trading in the green, where technology sector was leading. In Asia, the Nikkei 225 is rising 0.7%, on the other hand, Shanghai Composite and Hang Seng are under the line a little. 
On Thursday 31st of August, the event calendar is quite busy with important economic releases. During the London session, Germany will present Retail Sales and Unemployment Rate data and France will post CPI data. Later on, CPI Flash and Unemployment Rate from the whole Eurozone will be posted. During the US session, Canada will present Gross Domestic Product data and Quarterly Gross Domestic Product Annualized data. The US will post Unemployment Claims, Continuing Claims, Personal Income and Personal Spending data and Chicago Purchasing Manager Index data.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

GBP/USD Elliott Wave Analysis On H4 Time Frame

⚐ As anticipated before here, after the top of the wave 4 at the level of 1.3268, there was a five wave impulsive decline towards the level of 1.2800. Currently, the impulsive decline looks completed and the price is now developing a corrective counter-trend wave progression towards the level of 50% Fibo. The corrective pattern of the correction looks like a Zig-Zag. The leg (a) was completed already and now the price is developing wave (b) that should terminate around the level of 1.2875. When this leg is completed, then the last wave up towards the level of 1.3020 should develop. This simple corrective structure will be invalidated if the price will violate the level of 1.2774.
⚑ Jak oczekiwano przedtem, po szczycie fali 4 na poziomie 1.3268, nastąpił impulsywny spadek do 1,2800. Obecnie impulsywny spadek wydaje się ukończony, a cena rozwija korektę w kierunku przeciwnym do  trendu aż do poziomu 50% Fibo. Korketa wygląda jak Zig-Zag: podfala (a) została ukończona już i teraz cena rozwija falę (b), która powinna zakończyć się na poziomie 1,2875. Gdy ta podfala zostanie zakończona, powinna się rozwijać ostatnia fala (c) do poziomu 1.3020. Ta prosta struktura korekcyjna zostanie unieważniona, jeśli cena naruszy poziom 1.2774.

Trading plan for 30/08/2017

Trading plan for 30/08/2017: 
The volatility of the major currencies against the US Dollar is minimal except for the gaining Australian Dollar. EUR/USD after yesterday's rally over the level of 1.2050, has spent today's Asian session in 20 pips range around 1.1975.Sentiment on the stock markets has improved, but the energy markets are suffering chaos caused by hurricane Harvey. The Wall Street session ended yesterday with a modest gain. The S&P500 futures contract is minimally extended to 2450 points. 
On Wednesday 30th of August, the event calendar is busy with the important news releases. During the London session, Spain will present Consumer Price Index Flash data and Switzerland will post KOF Economic Barometer data for the last month. Later on, the UK will reveal Net Lending to Individuals and Mortgage Approvals data and Germany will present Preliminary CPI data for the last month. European Commission will release the Economic Sentiment index (ESI) data. During the US session, ADP Non-Farm Employment Change data from the US will be posted, together with Second Release GDP and GDP Price Index data. Canada will present Current Account data.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Trading plan for 28/08/2017

Trading plan for 28/08/2017: 
The EUR/USD moved out from the trading range of 1.1680 - 1.1850 and currently is trading over 1.1900 level. Already in today's Asian session, the rate set a new local high of 1.1950. USD/JPY defends the level of 109.00, the GB/ USD is unable to hold above 1.2900. NZD/USD can not hit 0.7250 and AUD/USD - 0.7950. On the Asian markets mixed moods. The Nikkei 225 oscillates around the Friday close, Shanghai Composite and Hang Seng grow 0.9% and 0.5%. 
On Monday 28th of August, the event calendar is light in economic releases. The market participants will keep an eye only on Money Supply data from the Eurozone and Goods Trade Balance from the US.

LISK Cryptocurrency Analysis on H4

After a test from the top of the golden trend line at 0.00058000, the price rebounded impulsively north. So far, you can count on only three impulsive waves, so the probability of completing the growth impulse (two more waves up) is very high.
Downgrade correction has so far not exceeded 38% of the impulse, it may still decrease, but I would rather prefer to see the price to consolidate gains for some time and then upside breakout. The first goal is 127% Fibo Extension at 0.001919. However, the price may hit much higher than the first target level.

⚐ Po teście od góry złotej linii trendu na poziomie 0.00058000 cena impulsiynie odbiła na północ. Do tej pory można doliczyc się na LSKBTC -8.73% tylko trzech fal wzrostowych, więc prawdopodobieńtwo dokończnia impulsu wzrostowego ( jeszcze dwie fale w górę) jest bardzo duże. 
Korekta spadkowa jak do tej pory nie przekroczyła nawet 38% impulsu wzrostowego, może co prawda jeszcze się obniżyć, ale spodzeiewał bym sie raczej konsolidacji zysków przez jakiś czas a następnie wybicia górą. Celem pierwszym jest poziom 127% zewnetrznaj projekcji Fibo na poziomie 0.001919. Niemneij jednak cena może wybić znacznie wyżej niż ten pierwszy poziom docelowy.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Trading plan for 25/08/2017

Trading plan for 25/08/2017:
 It was a very peaceful Asian session. EUR/USD yesterday was closed in a narrow trading range, it should come as no surprise that at the Asian session on the day of Yellen and Draghi's speech, the volatility was limited to just a few pips around the level of 1.1800. The flat session of the Wall Street does not bother a clear, over 1.0% increases in the indices in Hong Kong and Shanghai. The Nikkei 225 goes up 0.6% so far.
On Friday 25th August, the event calendar is busy with important data release. Germany will issue GDP figures and Ifo Business Climate, Current Assesment and Expectations sentiment data. Then, during the US session, the US will post Durable Goods Orders data and Baker Hughes U.S. Rig Count data. At the afternoon there is an anticipated speech by FED Chairperson Jannet Yellen. Later, late in the evening, the ECB President Mario Draghi will give a speech as well.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Trading plan for 23/08/2017

Trading plan for 23/08/2017: 
The weakest major currency today is the New Zealand Dollar, which is losing 0.55%. NZD / USD falls below 0.7250 and towards last week's minimum. EUR/USD is trading in a narrow, 20 pips range around the level of 1.1750. Wall Street's reflection is about 1.0%. Asia is also dominated by green, but the gains are more modest. The API report showed a drop in inventories of about 3.5 million barrels, which was accompanied by an increase in gasoline inventories. As a result, the WTI crude oil price has fallen to $ 47.50. The ounce of Gold is priced at $1285. 
On Wednesday 23rd of August, the event calendar is busy with important news release during the London session. The set of Flash PMI Services and Manufacturing data from across the Eurozone is scheduled for release during the morning trading hours.Moreover, there is a speech from ECB President Mario Draghi in Lindau early in the morning as well. Later during the day, the US will post Flash PMI data and New Home Sales data as well.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Trading plan for 21/08/2017

Trading plan for 21/08/2017: 
On Monday 21st of August, the event calendar is light in important data releases. Only during the US session, the global investors will focus on Wholesale Sales data from Canada.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Trading plan for 18/08/2017

Trading plan for 18/08/2017: 
The US Dollar is losing against all major currencies. The strongest are GBP, JPY, and SEK. The global investors are shocked after yesterday's attacks in Barcelona: Gold lost 0.1%, Silver is down 0.35%. On the Asian stock market sentiment is still negative: Nikkei drops -1.2%, Hang Seng -0.55%, Shanghai Composite gains + 0.1%. In the US Nasdaq 100 falls -2.05%, the S&P 500 -1.54% and the Dow Jones -1.24%.
On Friday 18th of August, the event calendar is busy in an important news release only during the US session. During this session, Canada will release Consumer Price Index data and the US will release Preliminary UoM Consumer Sentiment and Baker Hughes U.S. Rig Count data. At the end of the trading day, there is a scheduled speech by FOMC member Robert Kaplan.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

EUR/USD H4 Analysis Update

⚑ If it do not want to fall, it will go up as long as the level of 38% Fibo at 1.1608 will continue support the price. Of course, the correction may be extended in time and in the price, and the next target levels for correction are at 1.1515 and 1.1420. However, after the wave 4 correction is completed, another impulsive wave up is anticipated. It can be in the form of only a single candle rising above 1.1911 level.

⚐ Jak nie chce spadać, to będzie rosnąć, o ile poziom 38%Fibo na poziomie 1.1608 utrzyma spadki. Oczywiście korekta może ulec wydłużeniu w czasie i w cenie, a kolejne poziomy docelowe dla korekty są na poziomie 1.1515 oraz 1.1420. Niemniej jednak, po zakończeniu korekty fali 4, spodzewana jest kolejna fala wzrostowa. Może ona być w formie tylko pojedyńczej świeczki wzrostowej wybijającej poziom 1.1911.

Więcej szczegółów i wykresów różnych par walutowych, w tym kryptowalut na moim profilu na dostepne jest pod linkiem poniżej.

Trading plan for 17/08/2017

Trading plan for 17/08/2017: 
The FOMC Meeting Minutes release has clearly weakened the US Dollar, which is losing today to all major currencies. The strongest is JPY, which is up 0.34%, then NOK and AUD (+0.2%). Among precious metals, a positive sentiment is still present, the Gold ounce is at $1287 (+0.3%), Palladium climbs +1.1%, Silver +0.1%. On the Asian stock market mixed sentiment, Shanghai Composite rose 0.35%, but Hang Seng and Nikkei lost 0.2% respectively and 0.1%. 
On Thursday 17th of August, the event calendar is busy with important data release. First, the UK will post Retail Sales With Auto Fuel data, then EU will post Trade Balance, Consumer Price Index data and ECB Monetary Policy Meeting Accounts from July. During the US session, Canada will reveal Manufacturing Sales data and US will present Unemployment Claims, Continuing Claims, Philly Fed Manufacturing Index and Industrial Production data. Later during the session, FOMC member Robert Kaplan will give a speech.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Ethereum Daily and H4 Analysis

⚐ The world's second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin is becoming increasingly more popular. Ethereum (ETH/USD) has been pushing higher over the past two weeks, with prices crawling back above $250.00 for the first time since June after lawmakers in South Korea announced tentative plans to regulate crypto currency. According to CNBC, over 60% of ETH purchases are happening in the Won, South Korean currency and this country can become the second-largest Asian country after Japan to regulate the cryptocurrency. 
The current positive and optimistic fundamental situation of Ethereum is being backed up by the technical picture, which shows a very bullish outlook for this cryptocurrency. It is very possible that the recent highs at the level of $414.94 will be challenged soon. Moreover, the current uncertain geopolitical situation ( the USA - North Korea conflict) might even speed up this process as plenty of global investors are looking for a different than usual safe-haven currency than Japanese Yen of Swiss Franc to invest. Ethereum (and the whole blockchain based industry) might quickly become the next safe asset for global investors in uncertain times.

111.89 - Wave 2 Low
130.91 - WS3
152.29 - WS2
173.86 - WS1
195.33 - Weekly Pivot
209.03 - Technical Support
215.82 - WR1
237.78 - WR2
253.40 - Technical Resistance
265.77 - WR3
414.94 - All-Time High

Trading recommendations:
The Elliott wave development on a daily time frame chart indicates an impulsive bullish scenario towards the recent all-time high to be in progress. In this scenario, it is very possible that the top for the wave 1 at the level of 414.94 will be tested soon as the corrective cycle had been completed at the level of 131.00. On an H4 time frame, the impulsive reaction from the lows at the level of 131.00 is clear and visible so this would have to be the beginning of the wave one of the lesser degrees. Since then, the market had completed a short wave two corrections ( 2 pink) and currently is developing wave 3. Any breakout above the level of 235.40 will confirm the bullish scenario. However, please notice, the momentum is diminishing during the up moves so the internal corrective cycle might be a little bit longer and time-consuming. The technical support for this wave is seen at the level of 209.03.  The overall long-term bias in very bullish.

⚑ Druga pod względem wielkości kryptowaluta na świecie po Bitcoin staje się coraz bardziej popularna. Ethereum (ETH / USD) wzrosła w ciągu ostatnich dwóch tygodni, po raz pierwszy od czerwca po tym, jak ustawodawcy z Korei Południowej ponownie ogłosili wstępne plany regulowania kryptowalut. Według CNBC, ponad 60% zakupów w ETH ma miejsce w walucie Won w Korei Południowej, a ten kraj może stać się drugim co do wielkości krajem azjatyckim po Japonii.
Obecna pozytywna i optymistyczna podstawowa sytuacja Ethereum jest wspierana przez techniczny obraz, który pokazuje bardzo upartą perspektywę tego krypto waluty. Jest bardzo prawdopodobne, że niedawne wysokie poziomy na poziomie 414,94 USD zostaną wkrótce zakwestionowane. Co więcej, obecna niepewna sytuacja geopolityczna (konflikt USA - Korea Północna) może przyspieszyć ten proces, ponieważ inwestorzy globalni poszukują innej niż zwykle waluty bezpiecznej gotówki, niż japoński Jen czy Frank szwajcarski. Ethereum (i cały przemysł bazujący na technilogii blockchain) mogą szybko stać się kolejnym bezpieczna przystania dla inwestorów globalnych w niepewnych momentach.

Progresja fal Elliotta na wykresie dziennym wskazuje na rozwijajacy sie  impulsywny scenariusz. W tym scenariuszu jest bardzo możliwe, że szczyt fali 1 na poziomie 414,94 zostanie przetestowany wkrótce po zakończeniu cyklu korekcyjnego na poziomie 131,00. Na interwale H4 impulsowa reakcja z dołka na poziomie 131,00 jest jasna i widoczna, więc musiałby to być początek fali mniejszego stopnia. Od tamtej pory rynek zakończył krótką falę korekty (2 różowe) i obecnie rozwija się fala 3. Każdy wybicie ponad poziom 235.40 potwierdzi byczy scenariusz. Należy jednak zauważyć, że momentum maleje podczas wzrostów, więc wewnętrzny cykl korekcyjny może być trochę dłuższy i czasochłonny. Wsparcie techniczne tej fali widać na poziomie 209.03. Ogólnie długoterminowe nastawienie jest bardzo bycze.

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